Cedar Chiropractic & Physiotherapy

Cedar Chiropractic & Physiotherapy

Dr. John Sheu and the team at Cedar Chiropractor & Physiotherapy

Everyone’s body goes through some type of suffering whether it is sport-induced or pain from daily activities. Chiropractic and physiotherapy care are often needed to alleviate pain due to injury. Being and feeling healthy is crucial to our everyday lives, and Cedar Chiropractor and Physiotherapy clinic is here to help. “We are here to help people get better” Dr. Sheu states. “People get injured and it affects their lives and affects how well they can go to work or take care of their family.” Having been opened for five years now, Dr. John Sheu and his skilled team are here to make a difference, help people get better, and improve overall health.

The local Heights clinic offers chiropractic care, physiotherapy, and exercise rehab for their clients. The services provided are different; they hold many similarities in terms of improving the body. “The services are very different, but hold many similarities.” Chiropractic care is focused on spinal health – how well the spine is functioning and moving – to ultimately reduce pain and improve health. Physiotherapy is movement based to keep the body moving longer and stronger. In conjunction with the two services, exercise rehab works on flexibility, core, and overall strength. At Cedar, pilates is often used as the main exercise rehab method.

Dr. Sheu and his family reside in the Heights area, thus decided to open the clinic amongst other North Burnaby businesses and restaurants. Knowing that he is able to make a difference and impact someone’s life, through his services in the Heights, it is his way of giving back to the neighbourhood in which he grew up.

Visit Cedar Chiropractor & Physiotherapy at #102-4181 Hastings St.

By Alicia Dang, Marketing and Events Assistant for Summer 2018 at the Heights Merchants Association.


Address: 102 – 4181 Hastings St.
Phone: 604-738-1168
Website: www.cedarhealth.ca
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Monday: 8am – 6pm
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Saturday: By appointment
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