Places to Stay Cool Around the Heights

Places to Stay Cool Around the Heights
Trying to stay out of the sun this weekend? Temperatures are predicted to be up to 31 degrees for the next 7 days. If you’re looking for places to stay cool, just keep reading to learn of some of our favourite spots around the Heights.  

McGill Library

What better way to hide from the sun than to pull up a good book and enjoy the AC? McGill Library offers a wild variety of books, perfect for any age group.  

Workshops/ Classes

Around the Heights, there are a number of merchants that offer fun workshops and classes to try, and to help you escape the heat! 4Cats Art Studio 4Cats Art Studio offer fun summer themed workshops, some of these workshops their tutti frutti mug, pony tales, bust a movie, stay cool, and foodies workshops. Plush Floral Studio Plush Floral Studio offer a variety of different workshops that you and a friend could do together. Some of the workshops they offer include the following: hand tied sunflower bouquets, and tied dahlia bouquets, and designing your own potted potted phaleanopsis orchid. Making Memories Making Memories offer a range of different classes for all the creative folk out there! If you’re trying to avoid the heat, you may as well get started on making Christmas cards. Making Memories offer many different Christmas themed card making classes including: Just Peachy, Bronze and Glitzy, Woodland, Snowflake, and Swift. Mountain Gems If you’re interested in jewellery making, then Mountain Gems is the perfect place for you to beat the heat. They offer beginner silversmithing, beyond the basics, and surface techniques classes. Posh Pantry Gather your friends, and beat the heat with by satisfying your stomach. Posh Pantry has some yummy cooking classes available with different chefs.  

Book Stores

Companion Book and Browns Books offer shelters from the heat and an escape into the world of books. Pick out some interesting used books to enjoy all summer long.

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