Lights, camera, spotlight on more eco-friendly businesses

Lights, camera, spotlight on more eco-friendly businesses

A new week means more eco-friendly businesses to spotlight in the Heights! Today, we are entering the world of lower carbon-footprint exercise and green pet products. Greener business practices is are possible in every field, in many big and small ways. These changes take strategic planning Here are two inspiring businesses that are kicking the status quo – The Beat Studio and Big Dog Little Dog Bakery.

The Beat Studio

Jill, the studio owner, is flexing her sustainability muscles and while implemented for COVID-safety protocol, her online classes definitely lower her carbon footprint, too. Because all of their classes are online, there is no commute needed. Feel the burn in the comfort of your home! And save the burn from the earth’s atmosphere by removing carbon emissions from transportation. On social media, Jill shares how you can make more eco-friendly workout equipment choices. Investing in equipment made with local, quality materials means less waste and more money saved in the long-run.

Online exercise class at The Beat Studio


The Beat Studio has gone green by:

  • Using timed thermostats to reduce energy consumption.
  • Discouraging paper receipts, since thermal paper is plasticized and not recyclable.
  • Holding online classes so you can be greener by not commuting to the studio.

Big Dog Little Dog Bakery

Shopping sustainably for our pets is paw-fectly possible. It is important to not only know what is used in pet products, but also where they are made. Many mass produced dog toys are made outside of the country, requiring carbon-heavy transportation, and that money does not stay in our local economy. Christine, the owner of Big Dog Little Dog Bakery, is committed to supporting local by selling items from small local businesses. To name a few of these sustainable items, there are toys made from recycled water bottles, collars made from used bike tires, organic ingredients in shampoos, and locally sourced treats that are handmade.

Sustainable pet toys, treats, and items at Big Dog Little Dog Bakery

Altogether, Big Dog Little Dog Bakery’s eco-friendly business practices

  • Receive 95% of their products from local suppliers.
  • Sell reusable shopping bags.
  • Use their Point of Sale system to email a receipt instead of printing one.
  • Offer a 5% discount to customers who bring their own containers for bulk treats.
  • Featuring recycled and sustainable materials such as Earth friendly dog/cat shampoos, compostable poo bags, toys made of recycled materials, and recyclable food cans.

Supporting local means supporting a more sustainable future for us all. Big impact starts with these changes our local businesses are committed to making. Stay tuned for more businesses that are awaiting the Green Business Spotlight. Follow along on Instagram and Facebook for more features and tidbits!

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