Every field can be sustainable, and these businesses prove it

Every field can be sustainable, and these businesses prove it

Even with a strong desire to help the environment, it can be nerve-wracking for a business to reimagine how they can be more sustainable. Sometimes, all it takes is hearing someone else’s story about how they made the jump successfully, to be inspired themselves. Taking action to better the environment is a way to stand out and become a leader in creating everlasting change. From decorating a salon, to communicating with customers digitally, and using less energy for lighting, these three businesses are ready for the spotlight to make a wave of change in their fields!

Lather Hair Lounge

There is always a second home for any items that are thrown away. Purchasing second-hand gives you the opportunity to customize however you want! At Lather Hair Lounge, Sammi has a useful purpose for every chair, stool, shelf, and table. For example, she transformed the chairs at every hair dressing station by reupholstering them instead of buying new. As well, the sheet of plexi-glass hanging by the sinks was taken from an old hair salon in Yaletown. And in order to create a safe space for clients to wait before their appointment, the outdoor planter is now a bench. As Sammi said, “everything that I could get second-hand, I did!” Her “re-use” it philosophy was applied to the items in her salon’s kitchen, too. Next time you need furniture, make a fun project out of it instead of buying something brand new.

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Lather Hair Lounge’s sustainable businesses practices are:

  • Using timed thermostats to reduce energy consumption.
  • Upcycling, reupholstering, and using second hand furniture in the salon.
  • Discouraging paper receipts, since thermal paper is plasticized and not recyclable.
  • Using products that are paraben free, sulfate free, vegan, and cruelty free.
  • Recycling as much packaging as possible and offering paper retail bags.

Expedia Cruises Burnaby

It becomes very wasteful to have everything printed on paper. Instead, organize it digitally! To communicate with customers, share new cruises, and send receipts, Arrif and his team does it all through Expedia Cruises Burnaby’s digital platform. In the past, many travel booklets were printed and handed out to customers. This created a lot of waste as new vacations became available and more booklets were printed. Now, everything is easily accessible online at any time, all in one space. This also makes it easier during COVID-19 to send timely information to customers.

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Here are all of the ways Expedia Cruises Burnaby is being eco-friendly:

  • Converting to LED lighting.
  • Using timed thermostats to reduce energy consumption.
  • Permitting employees to tele-commute once per week or more to reduce fuel emissions and road congestion.
  • Discouraging paper receipts by sending digital receipts and communications to customers.
  • Using all-natural cleaning supplies in the business’ janitorial applications.

InSync Physiotherapy

There are many opportunities to make simple switches that might otherwise get overlooked. InSync Physiotherapy has implemented eco-friendly practices into their everyday operations. Iyad and his team have made the switch from conventional lighting to LED and motion-sensor lighting. This is an energy-efficient way for the bulbs to last longer and brighten up the office with better quality lighting. The best way to have a sustainable business is to get started and make these changes when you see an opportunity!

InSync Physiotherapy Green Business Spotlight








Altogether, InSync Physiotherapy’s eco-friendly business practices are:

  • Conversion to LED lighting and motion sensor lights.
  • Discouraging paper receipts by using an alternative to thermal paper.
  • Using office heating only during business hours.

There are so many sustainable practices that are easy to implement at any time. It may seem like it will not make a difference, but think about it this way. If everyone who said “I can’t make a difference on my own” became greener, then a wave of change can begin. Stay tuned for more businesses who are awaiting the Green Business Spotlight. Follow along on Instagram and Facebook for more features and tidbits!



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