3 Tips to Help You Find the Perfect Wedding Gift

3 Tips to Help You Find the Perfect Wedding Gift
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It’s that time of year again, wedding season has come full force this August. The joy and love that illuminates during this season of life is such an exciting milestone to be a part of. Weddings are fun to attend, although the preparation leading up to the wedding can be a tad stressful.

Gift Shopping

There are some exciting wedding festivities that guests get to attend and my personal favourite is the bridal shower. It’s a time where you get to shower the bride with your love and support leading up to the big day. I’ve had a couple bridal showers this season, and I’ve learnt from my mistakes and picked up a couple of tips and tricks along the way.

Tip 1. If the couple has created a registry, make sure to look at it early on.

When creating a registry, couples often tend to pick items that fall across a wide range of prices. Depending on your financial situation and your relationship with the couple, this gives you an opportunity to go through the registry and pick something suitable that you could gift to them.

Tip 2. Personalized gifts are always appreciated.

It is always nice to think of gift ideas outside the couple’s registry and purchase gifts that are personalized to them. Posh Pantry offers monogrammed items that would be perfect for any bridal shower or wedding. Make sure you allow at least 3 weeks for items to be shipped in. If you’re still unsure of a gift, make sure to check out Custodio Photographers. A gift card to their store would allow the couple to order custom portraits and prints so that they can relive their special day. Even consider enlarging their wedding invitation up on a large format canvas to keep the memory alive. This can be done at UPS or Pharmasave.

 Tip 3. Be informed.

If all the items on the gift registry have already been purchased, make sure to bring the registry with you when you are shopping for gifts. Coming up with items to purchase can sometimes be tricky, but if you have the printed registry you will know what they have already received. Looking for gifts can be tough, so we asked Angie Cordoni, owner of Posh Pantry, what some gifts she recommends for Wedding festivities. She suggested the Mud Pie line that Posh Pantry carries because they offer an array of gifts perfect for any couple.

Dress Shopping

Once you have the gift situation figured out, the next thing you have to worry about is what to wear. Over the last couple years, I’ve learnt the importance of looking up the venue of the event beforehand since different venues have different styles and require different dress codes. Chickadee, Fab Finds Consignment Boutique, and Luxury Labels Consignment Boutique offer diverse styles for women for every occasion. Suits can be altered for a fair price at J&M Clothing and Alterations.

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