Vital Body Weight Loss Centre

Vital Body Weight Loss Centre

Most people have good reason to believe in an active lifestyle, but there’s more to shedding fat and staying healthy than working out. What you eat and how you eat are vital to controlling your weight and maintaining your health, and this is something that co-owner of Vital Body, Zan Romeder, can personally attest to.

Zan decided to open her own weight loss and wellness clinic after she successfully lost 45 pounds and dropped from a size 14 to a size 6 through the Ideal Protein Program.

Skeptical at first, Zan eventually tried the program after witnessing a friend lose a large amount of body fat through it – and the rest was history. Losing weight quickly without compromising her health but instead, improving it, and in a manner that was gentle and accommodating to her body, was what inspired Zan to share the program with others.

“What’s unique about this program is that we separate fat loss from muscle building,” says Zan. She explains that while exercise is important, fat loss is what they focus on achieving first. “Everyone thinks that they have to go to the gym, but if you lift weights [while shredding] muscle, it actually blocks the fat from burning. The two don’t go together.”

A medically-proven protocol, the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method involves a diet that is rich in vegetables and good quality protein, and offers a full range of delicious products that leaves you feeling fuller without sacrificing your taste buds.

What clients also love about the program at Vital Body is the great coaching and supportive environment. Clients pay weekly visits to the clinic and stay in regular contact with their coaches via different communication methods, including Facebook and Twitter. As Zan says, “We really want to make sure you have that lifestyle change.”

A Heights resident herself, Zan enjoys working and living on the Heights due to its community aspect and central location.

“Everything is just so easy and accessible…I know that the people who live here really value how they can get pretty much anything in the area.”

Zan has flowers delivered to her clinic every week from a local florist shop, uses the yoga studio up the street, does her grocery shopping on the Heights, and enjoys playing Frisbee with her family at the local park. Her and her family also often enjoy eating out on the Heights.

“We’re definitely Heights people and really enjoy being a part of that.”

If you too want to win at the game of losing weight, feeling great, and having your health, then Vital Body is the solution for you.

Vital Body is located at 3724 Hastings Street. For more information, visit or call 778-383-7578.


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Written by Connie Ou, 2012 HMA Summer Student

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