Time Centre Watch and Clock Repairs

Time Centre Watch and Clock Repairs

Keeping the Heights community right on time.

Being a watch repairman wasn’t always Andrew Michalowski’s dream, but life threw him a few curveballs, ultimately leading him to this time-honoured profession.

Ever since he was a young boy in Europe, Andrew enjoyed repairing things. Initially he wanted to follow in his father’s footsteps and become a radio and TV repairman. However, when he applied to school, the craftsman was on sick leave. To attend the school, he had to choose another profession. However, there was space in the watch making class. This was a stroke of luck because there was only one student per craftsman, making it very difficult to get into the program, with people often having to wait for years.

After three years of schooling and intense examinations, he received his diploma as a journeyman of watch making. Over the next few years, Andrew worked for the government in Poland, moved to Germany, and then came to Canada where he worked as a subcontractor for various companies. In his spare time, Andrew started Time Centre from his home in 1997, until April 2007 when he decided to open on the Heights, full-time.

Being in the business since 1977, Andrew brings forth a lot of experience, especially through his work with antiques, and servicing watches that are no longer being made. In a time when craftsmen are becoming harder to find, Andrew brings a special gift to the Heights.

Andrew is grateful for being on Hastings, and for the people that are in the area. “I really appreciate the various events that take place in the Heights,” says Andrew, something he thinks you don’t have in other parts of Burnaby. He enjoys the peaceful and safe environment and the pleasant and kind customers. His friendly nature has helped him build strong relations with clients, many resulting in loyal customers.

A dedicated entrepreneur, Andrew spends much of his time at work. In his downtime, he enjoys reading, and spending time with his family and friends.

Time Centre Watch and Clock Repairs is located at 106 – 3939 Hastings Street, two blocks east of Boundary Road. Call 604-291-6533 or visit www.timecentre.ca for more information.


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