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As cliché as it sounds, all musicians have a special bond with their instruments. Many musicians have grown up with these instruments, and have spent countless hours crafting and perfecting their musicianship.

While cultural and language barriers exist all over the world, music is truly universal. Works by Eugène Bozza or Ben E. King can be enjoyed regardless of location, race, or cultural upbringing. Technologies that connect us are constantly replaced, but music that speaks to us transcends time. It is this passion and understanding of music that makes Massullo Music the place to go for your brass and woodwind needs.

Sandro Massullo, owner of Massullo Music, has been involved with music ever since he was young; with the first instrument he played being the accordion. Sandro’s team at Massullo Music possess’ the knowledge of lifelong musicians. Their friendly service and willingness to make sure your repairs are perfect has helped them build their reputation. Besides offering repairs and rentals, Massullo Music also sells many custom mouthpieces that are difficult to find. In addition to this, they also carry a variety of vintage horns.

Massullo Music offers very specialized services, and Sandro chose this neighbourhood for a particular reason. He appreciates the family oriented nature of the area, and the fact that it feels safe. When he’s not busy fine tuning an instrument, you’ll find him spending time with his children. Though he’s introduced them to music, he’s made it a priority not to force them into it. Aside from the accordion, Sandro also plays the trumpet and all woodwind instruments.

Whether you are looking to pick up a new instrument or have one of your old ones repaired, Massullo Music has you covered.

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