Sidewalk SWEEP Stakes!

Sidewalk SWEEP Stakes!
With autumn leaves falling all around, our merchants are busy sweeping it all up and helping the Heights sidewalks look as great as possible. From Oct. 3 to Nov. 1, we will be holding a Facebook and Twitter contest, where YOU can vote for the cleanest storefront. On Nov. 2, we will draw a name from our shoppers, and both YOU and the shop with the most votes will have a chance to win a $25 gift certificate each at the Heights restaurant or café of your choice. And, for extra moral support, if you see a Heights merchant sweeping – be sure to tell them that you noticed! It’ll make them and you feel great.  Happy Autumn!

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  1. would love to win

  2. Cristos Greek Taverna is my vote, is this the right place to enter that? ☺ I tweeted the contest @toothfairycyber too!

    • You can definitely enter through here, too! Thanks for entering, and all the best!

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