Let the Green Business Spotlight begin

Let the Green Business Spotlight begin

Who says Earth Day is only one day a year? We are celebrating Earth Day every day with our first round of Heights businesses in the Green Business Spotlight. Starting off, these three businesses are using everyday businesses practices that reduce their environmental footprint.

Cedar Chiropractic & Physiotherapy

Putting their green foot forward, Cedar Chiropractic & Physiotherapy is a role model in its field. As shown below, their all-natural cleaners are safer for the environment, stored in reusable spray bottles, and contain fewer allergens. This is something you can implement at home, too!

All-natural cleaning supplies


Altogether, their green business practices are:

  • Conversion to LED lighting (replacing conventional lighting).
  • Using timed thermostats to reduce energy consumption.
  • Committed to use all-natural cleaning supplies in janitorial applications.
  • Composting used paper towels and headrest sheets.

United Optical

Heidi, Carey, and Raymond from United Optical are putting a new lens on green eye-care! When customers have used eye-glasses, they collect a basketful to donate to Third World Eyecare Society where they are repurposed and donated to those in need. Next time you decide to get new eye-glasses, consider donating your old pair instead of throwing them away.

Repurposed donated glasses

Plus, United Optical also:

  • Uses timed thermostats to reduce energy consumption.
  • Encourages customers to bring bottles back for refill rather than buying new eye-glasses cleaner.
  • Encourages the reuse of frames when appropriate.
  • Repurposing used eye-glasses by donating them to Third World Eyecare Society and repurposing eye-care lenses, as well.

Lift Hair Lounge

Lift Hair Lounge is trimming old habits and letting sustainable business shine. Caria shares some empty haircare containers brought by clients to recycle responsibility right in the lounge. Reducing misplaced recycling and making a difference as a business means a greener future for the haircare industry!

Altogether, Lift Hair Lounge’s green businesses practices are:

  • Running a Retail Recycling Program for their clients to bring back empty retail container(s) and receive 10% off next retail purchase(s).
  • Using a timed thermostat to reduce energy consumption.
  • Discouraging paper receipts and using a newer terminal to text a copy instead.



Stay tuned for more businesses who await the Green Business Spotlight! Follow along on Instagram and Facebook for more features and tidbits.

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