Cool Down this Summer with a Refreshing Drink in the Heights!

Cool Down this Summer with a Refreshing Drink in the Heights!
Summer in the Heights has really got us craving some refreshing drinks. As a result, we decided to stop by some of the cafés in the area. We have compiled a barista approved list of some refreshing drinks that are perfect for a hot day!

Café Classico

4263 Hastings St

Traditional Iced Latte

For a taste of Italy, Café Classico has you set! We can tell you first hand, that their lattes are to die for. Café Classico sets themselves a part because they use gelato rather than ice in their iced lattes.


Caffè Artigiano

4359 Hastings St

Iced Tea Della Casa

We had a chance to try the Iced Tea Della Casa that Caffe Artigiano offers. The verdict was unanimous; it was definitely a fan favourite. We also got a sneak peek at a new iced tea they will be offering featuring a Wildberry Oolong Tea, which was also delicious.

Glenburn Soda Fountain Confectionary

4090 Hastings St


What better way to cool off during a hot summer’s day than a float! Glenburn has you covered with a wide variety of floats. They offer Purple Cows (grape), Brown Cows (rootbeer), Florida Cows (orange), and Black Cows (cola).

Waves Coffee House

4204 Hastings St

Iced Matcha Latte/ Frappe

I’m an avid matcha lover, and I must say that Waves’ Matcha Latte is by far my favourite matcha drink around. As a summertime pick me up, the Matcha Frappe is the Baristas’ favourite.


La Fontana

4701 Hastings St

Italian Soda

Italian sodas are super refreshing during the summer time! La Fontana offers a wide variety of different flavours: lemon, watermelon, strawberry, kiwi, rootbeer, lime, mango, raspberry and coconut.

Oui Paris Couture

4092 Hastings St

Iced Americano

Iced Latte

Tropical Burst Iced Tea

The Iced Americanos and Iced lattes are the most popular given that Oui Paris uses delicious and local Rocanini coffee beans. Tropical Burst Iced Tea is a new drink to try with Madagascar vanilla, passion fruit, and pomegranate.


4191 Hastings St

Double Shot with White Mocha

Iced Coconut Milk Caramel Macchiato with an extra pump of white mocha

Passion Tea Lemonade

It’s no secret that Starbucks baristas come up with the best “secret drinks.” The baristas at our local Starbucks recommended some classic Starbucks drinks with a little twist. Apparently white mocha makes everything better. If you prefer tea, we recommend a classic Passion Tea Lemonade with peach syrup instead of their classic syrup!

Joju Tofu

4544 Hastings St

Bubble Tea

To fill your bubble tea fix on the Heights make sure to check out Joju Tofu! Some of our favourites are Honey Green Milk Tea, Mango Smoothie, and Taro Milk Tea, all with pearls, of course.

Caffé Divano

4568 Hastings St

Mint Mocha Frappe

We were blown away by the Mint Mocha Frappe. The taste of mocha was perfect, and not overly sweet. The barista’s what their favourite drinks the Strawberry Smoothie and the Cold Brew Coffee, deserving honourable mention.


Big Shots Café

3980 Hastings St

Toffee Crunch Frappe

The Barista at Big Shots raved about the Toffee Crunch Frappe. If you’re looking for a crunchy twist on a summer classic, this one can’t be missed.


4801 Hastings St

Vanilla Iced Coffee

Peach Fruit Smoothie

I mean, you can’t really go wrong with a $1 iced coffee or $2 fruit smoothie. If you don’t want your iced coffee to be overly sweet, we recommend adding a shot of espresso to it. The Peach Fruit Smoothie tastes exactly like fresh Okanagan peaches!

Dairy Queen

103- 4191 Hastings St

Orange Julius

Strawberry Banana Julius

The phrase “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it” definitely applies to the Julius Originals. When it comes to Julius’ we like to keep it classic here but there are plenty of new flavours to try, too.

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