Build Back Tourism 2021 – Explore the Heights Scavenger Hunt

Build Back Tourism 2021 – Explore the Heights Scavenger Hunt

The annual “Bring Back Tourism” program is back for staff and volunteers actively working at the attractions, hotels and partner locations within the Tourism Challenge from May to September 2021. We welcome you to Burnaby Heights!

This initiative provides an opportunity to support our community safely. Come and share your experience with others online, give love to our local businesses during this difficult time, and learn some history about our friendly neighbourhood along the way.

Whether you are a regular visitor, or this is your first time swinging by, there are endless places for you to explore. Our neighbourhood is all walkable with many unique clothing stores, delicious restaurants, stylish salons, fun pet stores, and more. While you Explore the Heights through this scavenger hunt, we encourage you to stop by and say hello to our wonderful merchants.

Scavenger Hunt Instructions

For this scavenger hunt, each clue will lead you to a new location in the Heights. Your goal is to complete the crossword puzzle below and uncover the secret word in the yellow boxes. Along the way, we will share some history of the Heights, must-see shops to visit, and murals. Every location is along Hastings St. between Gamma Ave. and Boundary Rd.

Click here to download the Explore the Heights Scavenger Hunt map and crossword puzzle.

To keep track of your progress, make sure to print out the map and two crossword puzzle sheets above. You will also need a pen or pencil and your smartphone to take a photo at the end.

The journey begins on Gamma Ave. at the starting point on your map. You will be visiting each clue by heading West down Hastings St. until you reach Boundary Rd.

Are you ready? Let’s begin!

Clue #1

Burnaby Heights is full of delicious bakeries, cafés, tea houses, and restaurants. You can find authentic treats and cuisine from all over the world, such as Europe, Asia, and Latin America.

Many of these places have been on the Heights since the beginning. Family-run Fortuna Bakery has been open for 40 years with freshly baked European goodies. Chad Thai, which means Thai Taste and Pride, is celebrating their ten-year anniversary this year. Of course, there are always new places joining the Heights neighbourhood, too. Just last year, Don Oso’s Restaurant opened to bring us the flavours of authentic Mexican and Latin cuisine.

Now, at the location of the first clue, you will be visiting an award-winning chocolatier who sells desserts and pastries from a specific country in Europe. For your crossword puzzle, what is the culture that this chocolate comes from?

Clue #2

While there are many places to buy physical items in the Heights, there are also experiences you can purchase. At Muckabout Gift Gallery, you can participate in classes such as clay making or beeswax wraps making. The bees wax comes from BC Bee Supply, which also offers classes (such as leaning how to become a beekeeper!). 

Going along with experiences, this next clue is connected to a school. What would you go there to study?

Clue #3

While exploring the Heights, be sure to visit our merchants and give them a wave! There are many ways that you can support each business during this time. Purchasing a gift card will help support them now and in the future. Gift cards also makes the perfect gift for a friend or family member to encourage them to consider shopping in the Heights. Another way to show merchants your support is sharing their posts on your own social media with a shoutout. Take some photos of your meal, coffee, or latest purchase and tag them on your post. Also, make sure to follow them!

For this clue, you will be looking for a business that has an apple in their logo (Hint: it is not a grocery store or restaurant). What item would this business make for you?

Clue #4

Burnaby Heights is known for its iconic “The Swinging Girl” sign. She is at the heart of the neighbourhood, swinging above Cioffi’s Meat Market & Deli.

Before transforming the sign to what it says today, it used to say “Helen’s.” Helen’s Children’s Wear was a children’s clothing store owned by Mrs. Helen Arnold and Mr. Elgin Arnold from 1956 to 2007. The original sign was built by her friend James Wallace’s sign company called Wallace Neon Company. Its designer, Reeve Lehman, designed the swinging neon girl. In 2010, the sign was restored and revealed to the public with a new name. This sign is preserved as a neon heritage landmark by the City of Burnaby to continue the joy and legacy left by Mrs. Helen Arnold, her shop, and the sign.

For this clue, what word is on “The Swinging Girl” sign today? 

Clue #5

There are 11 murals in the Heights, some which have been there since 2002! These murals contribute to our local culture and are a visual reminder of the rich history that has allowed Burnaby Heights to remain a beautiful neighbourhood throughout the years.

Once you have arrived at this clue location, take a rest at Heights Fountain Square. Here, you will find a mural nearby. What is the colour of the house in the “History of the Heights” mural? (Hint: there is a painted car parked outside of it).

Final Stop: Take a Photo

Yay! You finished the scavenger hunt, congratulations. This final spot will act as a memory of your adventure. Go to the camera icon on the map and find the wall where “The Heights” is painted. Take a photo or selfie in front of the wall to bring to the stamping station. You can also share your photo on social media with the hashtag #BurnabyHeights.

What word did you spell out?

Once you have finished your crossword puzzle, fill in the word that was revealed in the yellow boxes into the final page in your booklet. Check your answer and show your photo from “The Heights” wall at the stamping station to complete your journey.

Please note: Only staff and volunteers actively working at the attractions, hotels and partner locations within the Tourism Challenge can receive stamps and the benefits from the Build Back Tourism program.

To earn your three stamps of completion, please visit our stamping location:

  • G&F Financial Group (4191 Hastings St. #105). Open from 9:30a.m.–5p.m. Monday to Friday (9:30 a.m. – 4p.m. on Saturday, and closed on Sunday).


When you receive your three stamps, you will win a tote bag from The Heights!


Share your scavenger hunt findings as you Explore the Heights using #BurnabyHeights. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter as we share our merchants and what makes Burnaby Heights a special place.


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