Cioffi’s Gourmet Kitchen

“Eating well” was never this easy!


Rino Cioffi’s motto for life is simple – live well and eat well. That shouldn’t be too hard considering Cioffi’s, a one stop shop for Italian groceries, is run by Rino and his brother, Sergio.

Cioffi’s was originally opened by Rino and Sergio’s father, Antonio Cioffi, 20 years ago. Originally in a partnership at a different store, Antonio realized he’d much rather run his own business. That’s when Cioffi’s first opened on the Heights. Antonio began the business with Rino, and chose the Heights because many of their friends lived in the area at the time. Many of their customers, individuals of European decent, had moved to the Heights from other areas, such as Commercial Drive, making it an ideal location for their new enterprise.

Fast forward 20 years. “I truly value the area because of the excellent neigbours and family oriented nature of the neighbourhood,” says Rino who also lives on the Heights. With an appreciation for the essence of the Heights, Rino runs Cioffi’s with a strong emphasis on friendly customer service. When you walk into the bustling meat market & gourmet kitchen, which opened in November 2008, you’ll realize that when you come to Cioffi’s, as Rino says, “you’re just like family.”  It is his attention to quality, freshness and service that enabled Rino to expand the business into a new location, just two doors down from the original Cioffi’s Meat Market & Deli.

When he’s not busy running the gourmet kitchen, Rino enjoys working around the house, golfing, exercising, eating good food, and of course, living by his motto!

Cioffi’s Meat Market & Deli is located at 4156 Hastings Street, and Cioffi’s Meat Market & Gourmet Kitchen is located at 4150 Hastings Street. The two locations are located between Gilmore Avenue and Carleton Avenue (View in Google Maps). For more information, call 604-291-9373.

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