Artspace Children’s Arts Centre

Artspace Children’s Arts Centre

Winnie Tam and her team at Artspace opened their doors on the Heights in April 2012 with the overarching mission of “nurturing and transforming young lives through the arts.” They bring this mission to life every day through specialty classes for visual and performing arts offered to children from six months to 13 years old. Winnie and her team believe that the arts is a tool for children to explore the world around them and express themselves in their own unique way.

Winnie Tam, founder and director at Artspace, decided to use her educational training and business background along with her passion for the arts to create a space where children could thrive. Winnie is a hard-working mother of two. When she’s not at Artspace you’ll find her spending time outdoors with her family hiking, camping, canoeing, and taking photographs. “I realized there were not a lot of arts amenities on the Heights at that time that catered specifically to children” said Winnie. Thus, Artspace was born.

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As a resident of the Heights for more than 15 years, Winnie had watched the community grow and questioned whether she wanted to play an active or passive part of this evolving community. She jumped at the opportunity to have a deeper connection to the Heights, and doesn’t mind the short commute either! According to Winnie, the more places that open up for kids on the Heights, the better, as it means they can all work together to create an artistic hub for children. The Heights has something to offer every family, and she is proud to be a part of that.

Artspace is full of passionate educators with a vast knowledge of their specific disciplines, a high level of training, and an innovative approach to teaching. In fact, each educator designs and teaches their own specific curriculum that they create every term to suit the needs of their students. This approach is unique to Artspace and means your child can take the same class multiple times and always participate in new activities. “Each class is a new experience” says Winnie. “It’s a building block in not only attaining skills but learning about themselves in the process.”

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Everyone at Artspace strives to make their visitors feel as though they are part of a family, which is something you will find a lot of on the Heights. Whether your child gets involved in drawing and painting, architecture, musical theatre, ukulele, or dance, Winnie Tam hopes that “Artspace is one aspect of our community that enriches their lives.”

Artspace Children’s Art Centre is located at 4588 Hastings Street (View in Google Maps). For more information, visit, or call 778-989-9051.  


Monday: 1pm – 6pm

Tuesday: 1pm – 6pm

Wednesday: 1pm – 6pm

Thursday: 1pm – 6pm

Friday: 1pm – 6pm

Saturday: 9:30am – 2pm

Sunday: Closed

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